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This Wonder Alcoholic Drink Is Aerated And… Completely Healthy!

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So you love your fermented, aerated drinks but you are scared of the health implications it might result in ? Don’t worry! Chef Siddharth Kashyap has just the solution for you.

First Things First

Deliciously flavoured with apple, cinnamon, ginger and coffee, Kashyap has managed to use a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) to turn sugar water into a probiotic, healthy and mildly alcoholic beverage in the kitchen of his restaurant, The Boston Butt. This magically fermented drink goes by the name of Kefir.

What’s More ?

“I want to start a Witte flavour with orange and coriander. I hope it tastes like Belgian beer. Also made with SCOBY, kombucha is a combination of sugared water or tea with apple cider vinegar which is to be kept for a month or so”, the excited chef told India Today. The combination of these drinks along with barbeques and smoked meats, served in the restaurant, is a win win situation for the customers as well the owners.

These drinks are flavored with natural juices and the cinnamon is cooked in the reduction of these juices. As the process is completely natural, the amount of fizz cannot be controlled. “If one bottle doesn’t fizz, we will have to open another bottle for the customer”, quotes the Chef. The alcohol content of these drinks is around one percent.

The Boston Butt isn’t the only place to recognize the benefits of kefir. The 212 All Good Menu and Moina Oberoi of Mumbai have shown interest in these naturally fermented fizzy drinks. Bella Carlstrom is a major player in kombucha-based drinks.

Naturally fermented, fizzy drinks have had a lot of history. But slowly, they are coming to our glasses. Maybe it’s time to ditch the regular beer and go “bottoms up” with these natural and healthy drinks!

Read the full story by India Today here

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