Vegetable Yoghurt Is Coming & There’s Nothing We Can Do About It

by Srishty Khullar | Fri Nov 04 2016


Speculated to replace the sweet and fruity flavours, vegetable yoghurt will possibly be the new trend of 2017! Flavours like carrot, beetroot and sweet potato are already a hit in Britain and with the proven concept of salted desserts like matcha, sesame and earl grey ice creams, vegetable yoghurts isn’t that much of a stretch.

First Things First 

Healthier than the sweet counterparts, its great for weight watchers. Since yoghurts are a part of daily diet rather than periodic restaurant food, a change in the calorie count results in impressive reduction. Currently available by Blue Hill, the yoghurts are seeing increased popularity. Watch out for these on #Instagram!

Breaking the myth of healthy food tasting bland and vice-versa, these yoghurts are just as delicious as the fruit ones. And well, now that it is coming, we are resigned to our fate of a healthier lifestyle. Bye Bye Butter Chicken. (Sigh!)

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