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Offbeat Beers You Need To Try From All Over India

India is coming of age in terms of experimenting with food and beverages—especially beer. While microbreweries are no more a novel concept, brew pubs are continuously doing new and interesting things with flavours to keep their clientele loyal to them. Here are a few offbeat beer picks from the many that have sprouted all over the country:

7 Barrel Brewpub, Gurgaon

7 Barrel Brewpub in Gurugram impresses everyone with its Shwarzbier that has notes of banana, clove, raisins, and caramel. Their Weiss Beer (wheat beer) spiced with ground coriander seeds and dried orange peel is quite refreshing too.

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Warehouse Café, Gurgaon

A superhero-themed restaurant, Warehouse Café brings to you The Superman Weiss beer (with a banana and clove aftertaste), and the Spiderman Pilsner, which has a spicy, floral aroma.

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Bottles & Barrels, Gurgaon

The Jaggery Ale at Bottles & Barrels is a crowd favorite. It is a strong beer with a higher alcohol content than the other beers that they have and has sweet notes from the jaggery. They offer a great Belgian Wheat Beer too.

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Manhattan Bar Exchange & Brewery, Gurgaon

Apart from the other lager beers, the subtle, fruity aroma of the Hefeweizen beer makes it what you need to chug down to refresh yourself after a hard day at work.

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Dockyard, The Brewing Company, Gurgaon

The Smoked beer and the Paan beer at Dockyard, seem to have caught every beer connoisseur’s fancy.

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Photo Courtesy Of: Doolally Taproom

Doolally Taproom, Mumbai

If you were to ask anyone about the best hand-crafted beers they’re sure to tell you about Doolally Taproom. The Apple Cider, Gose Beer (lemon flavoured), Honey Mead, Coffee Porter, and Mango Cider are resounding hits, every single time. The outlets are present at Bandra, Kemp’s Corner, and Andheri.

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The Pump Room, Mumbai

The Dark Vader at The Pump Room has these lovely notes of roasted coffee, caramel, and chocolate too.

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The Barking Deer, Mumbai

The fruity citrusy notes of the Bark Indian Pale Ale, and the fresh lime peel, coriander seeds and cumin in the Flying Pig Belgian Wit at The Barking Deer make for a great accompaniment to appetisers like chicken tikka, spicy wings, risottos, and fish.

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Toit, Bangalore

Toit has one of the most extensive and offbeat beer lists in India, with a mix of both signature beer styles (including a light and refreshing Basmati Blonde that brews German Pilsner malt with actual rice) and limited offerings that feature local ingredients as jackfruit, mango, and pumpkin. The favorites seem to be the Tintin Toit, which contains a pleasant sweetness along with an orangey-citrusy fruitiness and a hint of coriander; the Toit Red, which is a brilliant red in colour and has a delightful mix of the aromas of pine, grapefruit and raisins; and the Dark Knight—a full bodied, dark beer with a deliciously rich coffee chocolate aroma, that comes from the roasted malt.

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Arbor Brewing Company, Bangalore

ABC makes its own Garam Masala Pale Ale, Bollywood Blonde, and Chai Pale Ale. Also recommended are the ‘Independence Lager’ that’s made with saffron, white pepper, and white mango, the ‘Raging Elephant IPA’ that a distinct ruby-red grapefruit quality that starts on the palate and lingers through a long satisfying dry finish, and the Champion’s Ale—a summery ale that has some great flavours of sweet pear and fresh pineapple.

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