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A Heartfelt Love Letter To Sangria: From A Misunderstood South Delhi Girl

Okay okay, you’re probably already thinking I’m some affluent stuck-up rich-kid who lives in the comfort of their parental home; goes partying every Fri to Sun, with a generous sprinkling of brunches thrown in between. You probably hate my guts already for writing about Sangrias in Delhi, of all things.  But this letter is to…

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India’s First All-Women Food Truck Is Now Running!

We’re all up for the food truck culture here in India and this is something new! Welcome India’s very first food truck with an all-women army started in Bangalore by Chef Archana Singh. Seventh Sin is a project aiming at bringing women to elevate their hobby of cooking to a profession. First Things First Seventh Sin offers ‘Glocal’…

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Organic Ice-Cream, Honey, And More At The Women Of India Festival

The Women Of India Festival is on, and it is featuring hundreds of products by women entrepreneurs at Dilli Haat near INA Market. First Things First The Women Of India Festival will continue till 23rd October. They have about 230 stalls and 372 participants who’ve brought an array of items to the festival, including organic…