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What Cheeses Are You Pairing With Your Wine? Here’s A Handy Guide

Wine and cheese pairings are as legendary a duo as Bonnie and Clyde. But if your wine and cheese pairings go off, your dinner party can end as tragically as their love story did. Mansi Jasani of The Cheese Collective takes some time away from her love affair with cheese to ensure that nothing comes between this…

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#InstaTrend // These Wine Slushies Will Give You A Legit Brain-freeze

Traditionally you would think wine slushies are for summers, but around the holidays our excitement level knows no bounds and the winter season ceases to exist; thus we indulge in everything from ice-creams, snow-cones to slushies without regret. So, wanna join in? We promise after seeing this, you will definitely get that white wine brain-freeze….

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Sevilla Is Doing A Whole Range Of Organic Wines At The Claridges Restaurant

Located in central Delhi, the flagship hotel of The Claridges restaurant is well-known for a certain old world charm, combined with the ethos of modern luxury and Indian hospitality. The hotel has been a pioneer in the hospitality sector with Sevilla, their fine-dining restaurant that serves Mediterranean and European fare—one of the most awarded restaurants…

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Winter Is Coming & So Are Official Game Of Thrones Theme Wines

Wine-ter is coming for you, me and everyone who’s a little GOT-mad. GOT fans will absolutely love to pair this wine and the upcoming season on HBO. This Game Of Thrones theme perfectly goes with our alcohol choices. What’s the news, you ask? Read on. First Things First Game Of Thrones theme wines are being created…

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Say Cheese! EatTreat Decoded All Things Cheese & Cheer

Soft cheese, hard cheese, gooey cheese, melting cheese; we love cheese in all forms and types! Whether it’s sandwiches, burgers or just scooping it up from the fondue, cheese is an all-time favourite comfort food. While we enjoy cheese, understanding this complex food is not so easy. So here is a breakdown for types of…

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