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Ditch Those Oily Puris! Try Something Truly Healthy & Tasty When Fasting

The culture of puris, paranthas and pakwaan (minus the onions and garlic- they’re aphrodisiacal, hence a strict no-no!) during the fasting season is more like an old age ritual; where these deep-fried and fattening delicacies are qualified as legit “fasting foods”. But if fasting was supposed to be a body and soul cleanse, then why…

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#EatEffect // Organic Kitchen Garden Veggies That Save Grocery Expenses!

Growing vegetables at home and creating your personal organic kitchen garden is the best way to ensure purity, reduce living costs and be more responsible towards the environment. Sure, growing the everyday vegetables requires a large space, so instead of growing onions which you need for almost every dish, opt for things you need in…

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#EatEffect // Decoding Veganism With A Vegan Salad, Juice & Meal

The vegan way of living is increasingly becoming a popular lifestyle choice for those who’re trying to make a difference in these times when the very air that we breathe has become excessively polluted. We’re telling you all that you need to know if you’re curious about what it really means to be vegan. Say…

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An #EatEffect Analysis // Which Healthy Diet Works Best For You

A healthy diet means different things for different people. The current environmental conditions are forcing people to change their diets and become more environmentally conscious while making their food selections. And hence, #EatEffect. Here is a list of top diets trending worldwide and why we think you should pick one that works perfectly for you….

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#EatEffect // 5 Organic Healthy Ingredients To Pick From I Say Organic

I Say Organic perfectly symbolises healthy eating and conscious living, not just personally but also in terms of environment. While we normally order our everyday vegetables from here, these 5 healthy ingredients are must have for winters! First Things First Certified as 100% organic, they take care of our surroundings as well as our body…