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18 Amazing Cakes & Desserts That Made Sure 2016 Made Us Fat & Happy

This year saw a whole lot of Instagram trends which we couldn’t even have imagined (sushi burrito and churro cones, is new level shizz) but that’s not where it ended. Desserts were taken to another dimension and our jaws dropped to the floor, all the while dreaming of gorging them. So, check out our list…

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17 Orgasmic Food Trends That Made 2016 Totally Worth The Trouble

2016 has been an interesting year with food trends that have really caught our imagination. From loaded fries, to sushi burritos and rainbow foods – we’ve compiled our picks for the biggest food trends from 2016 to draw the curtains on the year gone by, and usher in a new year full of surprises. Food Bowls Food…