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Ditch Those Oily Puris! Try Something Truly Healthy & Tasty When Fasting

The culture of puris, paranthas and pakwaan (minus the onions and garlic- they’re aphrodisiacal, hence a strict no-no!) during the fasting season is more like an old age ritual; where these deep-fried and fattening delicacies are qualified as legit “fasting foods”. But if fasting was supposed to be a body and soul cleanse, then why…

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The Curry Industry Is Drowning Under Brexit & Pound Value Woes

Who’d have thought that the Brexit vote in June and the falling Pound value would severely hit Indian restaurants and food manufacturers that import spices and condiments? Well, it has and it has also forced them to raise prices in the 4 billion pound curry industry. First Things First The inability to hire chefs from…