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Travel The World With These 5 World Cuisine Restaurants In Mumbai

Have you ever wanted to backpack on an impulse and visit different countries just to try out their food ? But how lucky Mumbaikars are when plenty of world cuisine restaurants are ready to offer what our heart truly wants! The two G’s – Good and Global come together here! Heng Bok for Korean Korean…

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Wine Tasting, Cake Baking & More: 4 Food Experiences In Mumbai

Fests are a pomp-filled, joyful atmosphere with excitement and galore. And recently, chefs are realising that the growing food interests among the populace are no less than a complete phenomenon, be it wine tasting or cake making. So if you are one among  the “populace” here are few upcoming food fests you can attend! All Things…

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5 Snacks From Down South Other Than The Cliched Faraal For Diwali

Faraal, which is usually given on a gold or silver plate covered with decorative cloth, is a thing of the past and now, mostly bought to fulfil neighbourly obligations in Mumbai. The faraal usually consists of innumerable items with there being several of their types but we usually get the common ones like Karanjis (A…