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This Charcoal Spaghetti Is Gastronomica’s Ode To A Gothic Romantic Dinner

Every time we make our way to Gastronomica, we have to try this unusual combination of charcoal and spaghetti. Infant they do a lot of black and charcoal-themed eats and we must say, they are absolutely intriguing. This Gastronomica Activated Charcoal Spaghetti recipe comes straight from the kitchen and bar for our beloved Eattreaters. So…

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Know Your Knives: Your Guide To Every Kind Of Knife In The Kitchen

In every kitchen, there often resides a drawer full of beautiful assorted blades; most of which become victims of rust, and are neglected in favour of that one favourite knife that’s used to chop everything from fruit to filo. But have you ever given a thought to why the rest of those knives in your…

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Hit These Stores To Get Your Boatload Of Baking Ingredients & Paraphernalia

Stuff your bakery cabinets this holiday season by visiting these luxurious shops that stock up on everything sugar, from measuring spoons to cake flour! We love hoarding baking ingredients and equipment but during holidays we actually have a reason to, thus going over budget without regret (how could we know we won’t be needing a…