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9 Lovely Romantic Spots In Delhi For Couples Staying Fit Together

You and your significant other made a resolution to eat healthy and be a power couple this year, but now you don’t know where to go on dates with bae? These romantic healthy cafes in Delhi are a must try for all the fit couples or even, workout buddies. 1. Elixir Health Cafe  This gem located in…

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Hangover Remedies: Simple Fix-Its For Your Christmas Tizzy

Festive season is upon us, and that means a whole lot of frolicking and drunken revelry. If you, like the rest of us mortals wake up after Christmas with a hangover that just doesn’t ebb, we urge you to try these fix-its. Hangover remedies to keep at your fingertips: Water The elixir of life should…

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7 Cold-Pressed Healthy Fruit Juices For Your Easygoing Diet

We know its winters, but that doesn’t mean you can forget your vitamin dose. If anything you need it more! So, grab some healthy fruit juices and fill up on your body’s winter needs! First Things First We have taken a liking for cold-pressed juices not just for their taste but also because they are…

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Warm Drinks For Winter To Keep You Immune To The Biting Wind

While winters are finally here, the pollution isn’t doing us any favours with smog. Our immune system is at a very high risk with the combination of winter viruses and pollutants, so boosting immunity is just what we need to keep those cold and flus at bay! Try these comforting warm drinks to winter-proof your…

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