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23 Essential Asian Food Ingredients That’ll Turn You Into A Cooking Whiz #BigList

Spicy, sour, salty, fragrant, herby, crispy and colourful—this multilayered cuisine brings together a whole bunch of savoury flavours. From the traditional Japanese ramen bowls to your favourite noodle dinner, its time to recreate some fun and flavourful Asian magic! If you’re cooking Asian for the first time or simply expanding your  Asian food ingredients range, our…

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There Is A Reason We Love Cheese Fondue For Filling Chilly Nights

Something about the chilly air makes us reach for warm things and what’s better than a piping hot bowl of cheese. Dip in bread, potatoes, vegetables or meat for cheese fondue makes everything better! Try this pungent cheese fondue for your guests or a romantic evening. (But cheese is bae, so make sure you compensate…

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Healthy Snacks That’ll Help With Your Memory This Exam Season

Are upcoming university exams haunting your nights and squeezing the fun out of  your days? Semester exams are the upcoming biggie across India and we’re helping you out with your prep munchies, so try out these healthy snacks that you can munch in between your study breaks. Egg Chaat Known for its calcium properties, it’s…

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This 26-Yr-Old Built A Tea Store & Company In Australia Selling Just Chai

It’s never too late to chase your dreams and well nothing can come your way if you’re passionate about something. 26-year-old Uppma Virdi is an Indian-Austrailian lawyer who started her tea store called Chai Waali 2 years back with an intent of serving Indian tea. First Things First In a short span, this picked up…

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#EatEffect // 5 Organic Healthy Ingredients To Pick From I Say Organic

I Say Organic perfectly symbolises healthy eating and conscious living, not just personally but also in terms of environment. While we normally order our everyday vegetables from here, these 5 healthy ingredients are must have for winters! First Things First Certified as 100% organic, they take care of our surroundings as well as our body…

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#EatEffect // Everything You Need To Know About Flax Seeds!

Winters always need some serious hogging which turns into some extra inches and extra waste sooner than you think. Flax seeds are going to be your new best friend this season and we’ll tell you how to feel light and lovely the next few months. First Things First  Flax seeds are small wonders, commonly known…


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