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The Famous CR Park Bengali Fish Market In 12 Fabulous Pictures

The CR Park fish market is famous and for good reason. Even though the stock wasn’t as great as it usually is, this was a completely amazing visit for us. Did you know that there are three markets for fish in CR Park itself? And the nearby Govindpuri market also has some budget fish shops where you…

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An Easy Coastal Fish Curry That’ll Remind You Of Your Beach Vacation

A contender for our favourite fish curry – this one never fails to impress! Not your usual Goan fish curry, this seafood recipe for fish curry is just the thing you need to remind you of the many flavours of the coast, especially those without coconut and cashews. Serves: 2-3 Prep Time: 10-15 minutes, 20…

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Easy Seafood Risotto With A Hint Of Saffron To Warm Your Insides

A seafood risotto dish that packs a punch. We love our risotto like we like our Italians: memorable and outstandingly delicious. And when you put seafood into the mix, there’s nothing else to be done but to face the monster of craving that you’ve created. Here’s to a happy lunch with this seafood risotto! Serves:…

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Nisteachi Coddi Recipe For A Goan Fish Curry To Remember For Ever

Spicy fish curry in true Goan style! A Goan fish curry recipe to boot, we obviously cook this when our Goa plans fall through, which is usually all the time. The only silver lining seems to be the opening of Lady Baga in Delhi and this Goan fish curry recipe. Serves: 2-4 Prep Time: 10-15…

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Tried The Prawn Toast At Social? Here, Try This Super Simple Recipe

Crispy crunchy prawn on toast that is exactly what the doctor ordered. Seafood-y goodness, we usually like our prawns whole, but the comfort of eating your staple with a side like this is an opportunity that we cannot pass up. Try this easy prawn toast recipe when you want to jazz things up. Serves: 2-3 Prep…


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