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9 Lovely Romantic Spots In Delhi For Couples Staying Fit Together

You and your significant other made a resolution to eat healthy and be a power couple this year, but now you don’t know where to go on dates with bae? These romantic healthy cafes in Delhi are a must try for all the fit couples or even, workout buddies. 1. Elixir Health Cafe  This gem located in…

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Salad With Candied Pears For A Green Clean Day Of Healthy Eating

A bowlful of zest to keep fresh! Make this healthy green salad recipe with pears for when you just want to take a day off from eating oily food, and just need a little something for your pre-workout fix. Serves: 2 Prep Time: 45 minutes  Cook Time: 20 minutes  Ingredients: 100 gms mixed salad leaves (of…

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Ditch Those Oily Puris! Try Something Truly Healthy & Tasty When Fasting

The culture of puris, paranthas and pakwaan (minus the onions and garlic- they’re aphrodisiacal, hence a strict no-no!) during the fasting season is more like an old age ritual; where these deep-fried and fattening delicacies are qualified as legit “fasting foods”. But if fasting was supposed to be a body and soul cleanse, then why…


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