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Hit These Stores To Get Your Boatload Of Baking Ingredients & Paraphernalia

Stuff your bakery cabinets this holiday season by visiting these luxurious shops that stock up on everything sugar, from measuring spoons to cake flour! We love hoarding baking ingredients and equipment but during holidays we actually have a reason to, thus going over budget without regret (how could we know we won’t be needing a…

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#InstagramTrend // Edible Tree Treats To Hang With

We love this trend of edible tree treats as Christmas decorations. You can hang them, eat them or hang with them while eating them. Yes, yes, we know, lame. But, these are super cute and we can’t wait to try our hand at this last moment baking wonder. This Pretty Wreath. Making the house smell…

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You Can Get Theobroma Cakes Delivered To Your Doorstep Now!

We’ve got great news for you! You can now enjoy your favourite Chocolate Chip Brownie from Theobroma even if you’re not in Mumbai! Theobroma cakes are now coming to you. First Things First You read that right. Theobroma, the Mumbai-based dessert shop is now online on Place of Origin. This means that now you can…

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3 Warm Winter Syrups In Glass Jars To Drizzle On Cakes

Soon, it’ll be Christmas, and we’re sure you’d want to start planning your gifts well in advance. Whether it is to keep these warm syrups in glass jars to drizzle on cakes later or a personalised gift that shows that you truly care about someone, we’re giving you our own secret recipes to make this…

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4 Bakeries That Tart Up Your Bangin’ Bachelorette

It’s that time of the year when you scroll through your Facebook feed and see pictures of your friends getting married. Your inbox is probably flooded with wedding invitations, and your best friend just can’t stop harping about what her wedding day is going to be like. In the middle of it all, you want…

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