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Upcoming Food Festivals In Delhi That Should Be On Your Calendar 

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Food festivals are our favourite kind of events! Good food, good company and energy unlike any other place. Always buzzing, these festivals (especially that street food festival) are events you wouldn’t want to miss!

Chef’s Table Week

(18th-27th November 2016) 

A 6-course tasting meal curated especially for you and decoded by the head chef. This festival provides a unique opportunity to take a peek behind the kitchen door and interact with the person creating it all!

Explore about Chef’s Table Week here.

The Gourmet High Street

(9th-11th December 2016) 

Celebrity chefs, food demonstrations, exhibits, food trucks and more The Gourmet High Street has it all! This 3-day culinary excursion is just what it claims – everything gourmet. Exotic ingredients and experimental cooking will woo you at this fest!

Explore more about The Gourmet High Street here.

Delhi Cookout

(9th-11th December 2016)

Barbeque and winters, can it get any better than this? Bringing together different forms of barbecue together in one location, Delhi Cookout is the perfect place for bonfire night with friends, while enjoying BBQ ribs or rotisserie chicken.

Explore more about Delhi Cookout here.

Food For Thought Fest

(23rd-24th December 2016)

If you are looking for more than just eating good food, this festival is custom-made for you. An event bringing together culinary marvels, it’s an ideal place to learn and expand your knowledge about everything from ingredients to techniques.

Explore more about Food For Thought Fest here.

National Street Food Festival

(23rd-25th December 2016)

Just the thought of delicious street foods from around the country is enough to get us drooling! One place bringing together the best of each state, this is a festival we never miss. Kebabs, biryani, aloo tikki, rolls, you just have to name it!

Explore more about National Street Food Festival here.

Palate Fest

(10th-12th February 2017)

street food gourmet festival family Category:Snacks burger BBQ

While we were eagerly awaiting our most beloved, annually organised food festival – Palate Fest, the demonetisation of the current currency has left us food lovers waiting even longer; for now it shall be organised in February 2017. (Could we just get some food please!)

Explore more about Palate Fest here.

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