Smog Survival Guide: Restaurants Serving Fresh Air In Delhi

by Kasturi Roy | Tue Nov 08 2016

The smog has totally taken over the city. With crop burning, firecrackers, bonfires and more barbeques than ever, restaurants have started taking to serving fresh purified air along with their delish food.

Here’s a list of where to head when your eyes are burning and you want to feel like you’re breathing again.

The Hungry Monkey

winter restaurants healthy diwali deli delhi bar

Photo Courtesy Of: The Hungry Monkey

Placed in the midst of a lot of greenery in Safdarjung, The Hungry Monkey didn’t have to invest in pure air. But they did. “Last year, we realised that pollution is at it’s worst after Diwali in Delhi, and pure and fresh air is something that people need. This year, we thought we should install air purifiers, and keeping in mind the severe smog conditions in the city, I think we will keep them throughout the winter. People need masks and air purifiers right now. Through our social media page, we are letting people know that we have air purifiers and the response we’ve been getting is very good,” Noah Barnes from The Hungry Monkey told TOI.

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Gurgaon being one of the worst affected spots because of the concrete jungle, restaurants have now started investing in air purifiers and giving patrons a fresh breath of air. ” …in a few minutes, as they settle down, they feel that they can breathe easily and then many ask about the change. A few who are allergic to pollutants notice the change immediately, thanks to the air purifiers that we have installed in our restaurant. People are very conscious (about this) now and they appreciate it when we tell them that we have air purifiers,” Randip Dhingra told TOI.

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La Bodega

winter restaurants healthy diwali deli delhi bar   winter restaurants healthy diwali deli delhi bar

Photo Courtesy Of: La Bodega

A Spain-themed restaurant tucked in the middle of Khan Market, La Bodega is doing it’s bit of providing pure air along with their live jazz bands. So we hope you’re going for their tequila and trustworthy atmosphere.

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Lodi – The Garden Restaurant

Another restaurant upping the ante with all their healthy products and a stunning space in the midst of Lodi Garden, we would definitely suggest you camp out here till the smog goes away. The food is beautifully wholesome and we absolutely love their home-made mustard as well. They have a new menu now and well, all in all it’s a pretty great deal.

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Fio Country Kitchen & Bar

winter restaurants healthy diwali deli delhi bar   winter restaurants healthy diwali deli delhi bar   winter restaurants healthy diwali deli delhi bar

Photo Courtesy Of: Fio Country Kitchen

Placed quaintly inside the Garden Of Five Senses, we can definitely recommend this spot for a late night dinner. The greenery here is ample and we love that they have an inside seating as well as outside space. The different sections are all cordoned off with trees and bushes, so do get some grub here, when you can.

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Ek Bar

If you go to Ek Bar once, you’d want to go there bar-bar. Protected by state-of-the-art air purification systems, Ek Bar claims to have air exactly like the ingredients at their restaurant—the freshest in the city. We’d recommend this place to you for their quirky decor and take on desi drinks. You can truly drink deep and breathe easy here.

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