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Scraps & Peels: How To Reclaim The 1000 Bucks You Waste On Food Per Month

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Delhi on an average is wasting 25% of the food that it buys. This means that a household of four wastes almost one thousand bucks, just through food that it buys for consumption. A thousand bucks can mean 50 plates of momos or you can move from Uber Pool to Go for a month. So, we’ve decided to talk about food wastage and how we can curb it on an individual level, just through reuse of peels.

First Things First

No more fruit and vegetable peels mess on your kitchen counter. You can now reuse these peels, scrap and reduce food wastage at home. Some of these are super interesting alternative uses which will make you realise that they no longer belong to the bins.

Cucumber Peels

You can use cucumbers to deter ants, moths, mites, wasps and silverfish. These peels act as a cleansing agent and can be used to clean door and window hinges along with erasing crayon marks. So next time you’re not just using the peels for your dark circles, you can store these peels for other purposes.

Coffee Grounds 

Use them to deodorise your hands and cutting board after chopping garlic and onions. Rub them on, then rinse away. It seriously works like magic!


Onions skins can be used as great fabric dyes. You can use the bottom of the green onions for replanting and gardening new onions.

Leftover Pulp 

momos Kitchen fruits

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Leftover fruit pulps can be used to make smoothies at home or serve with ice cream for dessert. Vegetable pulps, on the other hand, can be used to make broth, can be used in soups etc.


After cutting the top portion of your pineapple, you can actually replant it to grow another pineapple. Isn’t that awesome?

Citrus Peels 

Now your garbage disposer won’t stink anymore. Throw some citrus peels into the bag to de-stink. Citrus peels can be also used to save brown sugar from hardening. You can store the sugar in the refrigerator, so the peels don’t rot.

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

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