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Punjab Grill Tappa For Millennials Is Just What Delhi’s Youth Needs

Punjab Grill is introducing a concept restaurant called Punjab Grill Tappa which will serve Indian cuisine in a fresh global light. The restaurant will add an innovative and explorative touch to the Indian cuisine, matched with a modern contemporary presentation. It boasts of travelling the world through Indian food, with dishes inspired by global influences.

First Things First 

A new venture for Punjab Grill, the group is expanding faster than ever. They are coming to Gurgaon first, but we can also expect them in CP soon. They are primarily targeting the tastes of the youth and will feature North Indian cuisine with global twists. Destinations like Sri Lanka and Washington DC next one their list, they have already made a mark on the world after entering the culinary scene of Singapore and Bangkok.

#EatExtra: We hear they will be operational for the public by the end of October, possibly by this weekend!

Explore more about Punjab Grill here.


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