Fine Dining At Its Summit: A Pop Up Restaurant Comes To Mount Everest

Mon Nov 28 2016 | 110 Views

We mostly relate mountains to hiking and adventure. What if we told you that British chef James Sherman is converging food, adventure and passion into one? Welcome to his pop up restaurant at the Everest base camp, taking fine-dining to its summit. 

First Things First

British chef James Sherman started his exclusive culinary extravaganza from China and has slowly worked his way to the Everest base camp; it being the 4th in his list of 20. It is going to be a fourteen-day trip handled by Tom Aikens under the apprenticeship of James.

He aims at setting up 20 pop-ups over a period of 20 months. He plans, investigates and builds the pop-up restaurant and then spends a week serving the food, the recipe for which is made from scratch. 

What’s More?

Adventure dinner reservations will be starting from 29 Nov for $1,050 per person, which includes food, beverage, stay at base camp, construction and the event which is the entire reason for you to travel so far – The Special Dinner at this pop up restaurant. It will not include airfare charges, though.

Sherman will continue with his “One Star House Party”  in Bueno Aires, Las Vegas and many exotic locations. Life gives very few chances to experience such an event so try your best to be a part of this one-time opportunity when it’s so close. And yet a bit far.

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