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Plantain & Coffee Spas? These 5 Weird Food Spas Exist In Delhi

Organic luxury healthy fruits fresh detox

Food is our bae and we love bae in every form (especially when it comes to coffee spas), so let’s look at some weird food spas that we found. And however weird they might be, food is food, and so, we might just try them out soon. And to be honest some of these sound totally awesome.

Chocolate and Coffee Scrub at Amatrra Spa, Le Méridien

A detoxifying chocolate and coffee scrub is just what we need after a long week. The combination of chocolate and coffee spas are absolutely heavenly (not just for eating, but even for a spa). So, indulge in this plush therapy over the weekend to nourish your skin and relax your mind.

Exotic Pomegranate Spa Journey at Kaya Kalp, ITC Maurya

This exotic spa journey is an absolute treatment for rejuvenation. An amalgamated scrub of pomegranate, lime and brown sugar will invigorate and revitalise your senses, while the traditional oil massage will guide the mind into a relaxed state by releasing muscular tension. The journey ends with soothing music and foot massage with deep rhythmic movements (impressed yet?).

 Milk and Honey Wrap at Shangri-la Spa

Organic luxury healthy fruits fresh detox

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Milk and honey are being used for skin nourishment since eras long gone. The wrap is applied to cocoon the body, leaving the skin supple and nourished with its ultra-hydrating properties. Combined with a soothing aroma massage for foot reflexology and oxygenating facial, their Serenity Ritual will be worth every second (at least, that’s what it sounds like).

Plantain Leaf Wrap at Jiva Spa, Taj Palace Delhi

Mocha Patra or Plantain leaf wrap is a unique body ritual for complete relaxation, exfoliation and nourishment of the skin. This 45 mins therapy uses the healing properties of plantain leaves to open pores, induce sweating and eliminate toxins, completed with a skin nourisher in the end. Just the thought of this relaxing therapy is making us book our next spa appointment.

Sugar Spice Scrub at Oberoi Spa, Gurgaon

Oberoi is the hallmark of luxury and their spa is no less. Showcasing opulence in every inch of the spa with bespoke artwork, rippling fountains and Italian marble, it’s a destination for solace and serenity. Their body exfoliation treatment with sugar and spice scrub will leave you with a cooling effect and moisturised skin. Especially recommended for sensitive skin, this 30 mins treatment has a relaxing effect on your skin and mind.

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