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Paper Boat Is Going To Make Quirky Traditional Indian Snacks Now

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Starting next month, Paper Boat wants to replicate its ethnic beverage brand in the fast-growing packaged food industry, and will start placing packaged Indian snacks on shop shelves. Neeraj Kakkar, the co-founder of Hector Beverages, which promotes Paper Boat, has confirmed the news.

First Things First

Kakkar says that while beverages are seasonal, the packaged foods will help them in doing new things all through the year. They will be focussing on traditional Indian snacks only and will follow the same model as the beverage.

Paper Boat plans to steer clear of competition in the packaged food segment, as it has with the beverages. It hopes to create its own niche (like their kokum juice and aam panna). The product will be fair trade certified, which means that the farmers will be offered better prices than others.

Devendra Chawla, President Food and FMCG of retailer Future Group, who is also a mentor to Paper Boat says that extending the brand to traditional and ethnic Indian snacks that aren’t easily available and which can be made relevant to the youth with creative packaging will add to business across all months of the year.

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