No Leftovers! Rasoi On Wheels Serves Freshly Cooked Meals To Needy In Delhi

Sat Sep 24 2016 | 56 Views

While for most of us charity involves giving away leftover food to the poor or hungry, one Delhi-based restaurant is going a step ahead and serving fresh meals. This ‘restaurant’ is a old Maruti Van that has been converted into a food van that delivers meals to those in need.

First Things First

Around 11,000 meals were distributed in the first month itself, and now this charity has seen many benefactors coming forward and contributing. The restaurant is operational through a 800 sq ft kitchen that makes hot meals because no one really deserves to eat leftovers. A standard meal can include the likes of dal, roti, chhole, Kadhi-Chawal, Rajma-Chawal, noodles and more.

They have been serving more than 30,000 meals per day these. In fact at INR 35 a meal, anyone can approach them and sponsor a meal for school kids, underprivileged children, construstruction workers and more.

Photo Courtesy Of: Rasoi On Wheels

What Can You Do?

According to the Financial Express, “Through the initiative, thousands of kids of construction workers, kids in slum schools, truck drivers are being fed everyday. The restaurant even organises langars for the homeless on Sundays. The initiative is taken up Atul Kapur, one of the five business partners who run QBA restaurant in Connaught Place. The restaurant is open to donations, anyone who wishes to donate, can contact the restaurant.”

We hope you get on this bandwagon (or van?) and help serve some good food to those who do the real handwork.

Explore this initiative here.

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