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This New Subway Outlet Has Opened In A Place Of Monumental Importance

Subway is opening a new outlet in the heart of the capital, as reported by India Today. No really, it IS the heart of the capital — The Rashtrapati Bhavan. Ever been inside the estate? It’s a sprawling campus full of gardens, museums and the grand architecture of old buildings that house some of the most important people and documents of our time.

First Things First

Since the place sees regular visitors from schools, colleges and various other institutions, this landmark of our country is opening an eatery within the Rashtrapati Bhavan premises. Placed inside the Clock Tower area in the President’s Estate, this outlet is most for those visiting the Rashtrapati Bhavan museum.

This Subway outlet is going to serve fresh and healthy food to the many visitors and we are definitely pumped that we’ll get a bite of the Parmesan and Oregano Sub on a field trip to the museum. The museum shows 2,000 artefacts and has opened to the public on 2 Oct.

We’re ready for more than one QSR. Are you?

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Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons


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