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masala library

Masala Library, Farzi Cafe & More: The Ultimate Molecular Gastronomy List

This year has seen some great additions to the restaurant space (Masala Library anyone?), wowing us with flavours and jaw-dropping food presentation like never before. We’re telling you the best restaurants that you need to go to for the mind-boggling molecular gastronomy techniques that they employ.

Masala Library, by Jiggs Kalra

Masala Library is where food meets art. This fine dining restaurant doesn’t disappoint in terms of decor and plating techniques, apart from the delicious food that they serve of course. From levitating desserts, to deconstructed classic dishes, and incorporating international flavours, Masala Library does it all.

Explore them here.

India Bistro


Photo Courtesy Of: India Bistro

From the Snow Dahi Bhalla to Pav Bhaji Fondue, India Bistro is attempting to change the way you’ve always had Indian food. They’ve got dishes from every nook and corner of the country and they’ve taken innovative food presentation to the next level. You can look out for things like the Deconstructed Turmeric Martini, and the Muradabadi Dal Chaat. The best part is that the prices don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Explore them here.

Farzi Café

Also by the Kalras, comes Farzi Café which has now become a popular hangout spot for the city’s youth. Their food and drinks look mind-blowingly beautiful and taste equally great. The best part is that they’ve managed to retain the Indian flavours while still making innovative dishes.

Explore them here.

Indian Accent


Photo Courtesy Of: Indian Accent

This chef driven restaurant by Chef Manish Mehrotra makes even the humble papad look like a work of art. They present the simplest of foods in the most complex ways and never miss any flavour note. True to its name, Indian Accent brings international and Indian flavours together on the plate.

Explore them here.

Molecule Air Bar

Barely a year old, Molecule Air Bar has managed to catch eyeballs of those who frequent the pub-hub of Gurugram. They’ve been doing things that really do go beyond our regular understanding of food presentation. They say that they don’t believe in full-blown main courses and so their entire menu is full of food that you’d normally get as a build up to the main course, while still providing generous portions.

Explore them here.

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Masala Library


Saundarya is a 25-year-old from Delhi, who loves photography, crafting, reading books, and all things vintage. When she's not behind her desk, she can be found with a camera and a glass of sangria at her favorite bistro in the city.