Instagram Trend // #RainbowFood Is The Trick To Eating Healthy Food

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If your meals are dominated by a lot of whites or browns, it could be that your nutritional quotient is slightly skewed. To make sure you’re getting all the nutrients in healthy amounts, you need diverse kinds and colours of healthy food in your daily intake.

So we scoured through all our favourite Instagram accounts and came up with a list of beautiful rainbow food you can possibly try or make at home!

Mix it all up or plate it nicely, rainbow foods make everything so appetising.

Fruits and veggies have different colours indicating different vitamins, minerals fibres and more.

You can also try making healthy food jars! 

Roast it with a drizzle of olive oil to really bring out the flavours.

I'm about to mix this all up and season it. But first, Instagram. #eatarainbow #rainbowfood #?

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How about just a rainbow fruit platter?

Add hummus to errrrthing!

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As farm fresh as it gets.

❤️????You are not what you do for money ?you are what you do for love ❤️????❤️ Organic baby rainbow of tomatoes and eggs? I'm on a mission to spread the love and passion I have for organic gardening, ?food ?and health?? in hopes for a healthier future ?? ???? I hope to spread this passion and instill my love of organic living into my little future farmers and teach them to be earth-loving, warriors. ????You can create miracles from a single sprouting seed? and watch it magically transform into luscious, bountiful, harvests????☀️ I feel so blessed? and thankful for my family and to have this community of incredible people and gardeners ?who are supporters and advocates of this journey. Your photos, your stories, your support and blossoming friendships inspire me daily ???? I love to see how many people share these same passions! ? natural growing methods, supporting our earth's ?environment, and working together to provide a brighter future ?through sustainable farming,?quality foods and organic lifestyles. Our bodies are our vehicles?what fuel are you feeding you and yours??#GIVEITTHEBEST? Please ? share stories and ideas in comments to give ideas to help us all be more green @carmelbellafarm ? #gardener #backyard #urban #organic #tomatoes #eggs #groworganic #eatorganic #organicgardener #organicfarmer #spreadthelove #foodart #eggs #nopesticides #nogmo #rainbowfood #backyard #urbangardener #barefootgirl #treehugger #naturelover #rainbow #eathealthy #growagarden #fromseed #organickitchen #eathealthy #supportorganic #organickids #futurefarmers #gogreen #earthday

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A rainbow panini is the best kind of panini!

Lunch time and what's better than Fiona's sandwich? They're awesome! @rawcrush #eattherainbow #sandwichartist #veganlunch

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And it’s better when healthy food comes as a sandwich.

Taste the rainbow with these!

Eat the rainbow?? #therainbowpaintbrushes

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You can make rainbow skewers.

Fruit and veggie skewers for tonight's healthy family picnic at school. #rainbowfood

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Or make an edible flower salad.

Or even put it on a pizza!

• This morning I told you about my day challenge, and here is the result ! I made this vegetables ? rainbow? PIZZA for my colourful friend @barbarafrenchvegan who's celebrating her well deserved 4K #barbarafrenchvegan4k ? so first, congratulations dear ! ? And than… I would say take a fork and join in ! ??? _________________________ #pizza #vegetables #rainbow #rainbowfood #rainbowpizza #colour #food #foodart #foodpost #foodpic #foodshare #vegetarian #veganfood #feedfeed #healthyfood #healthy #foodgasm #foodglooby #buzzfeedfood #foodstarz #instafood #switzerland #homecooking #chefstalk #huffposttaste #photoofday #eattherainbow #plantbased #f52grams @food_glooby @foodstarz_official @food___for___thought @foodandwine @love_food_extra @huffposttaste @buzzfeedfood @top_home_cooking @thefeedfeed @theculinaire @thekitchn @love_food_extra

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Make a rainbow popsicle with coconut water.

We will leave this here, just because it’s too pretty to not!

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