Instagram Trend // Churro Loops – When Mexican Desserts Meet Instagram

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We love churro

s and evidently so does Instagram! For when Mexican desserts are dominating the social websites with trends like churro loops, stuffed churros, churro cones and churro ice cream sandwiches, we can’t stop ourselves. Take a look below to see what we are talking about!

Churro loops for beginners.

When you are ready to take it to the next level!

My favorite kind of loop de loop ?

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Served with ice-cream, this is some serious stuff!

This kid’s face says it all!

Someone's happy! ?

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We are drooling!

Churro loops took over this fall. 

This can’t be real! Are we seeing this right?

Those are some rare pickachurros @foodwithmichel! If only I could find these in my home ? @theloopchurros

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Apparently, we are! #Pikachu-certified 

That looks yummy ?? repost @turistandopelaflorida #pokemon #pokemongo #yummy #pikachu #pokemonfood #theloopchurros

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Friendship goals!

Going loopy over these handcrafted churros in soft serve! #wanderingbostoneater

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If loops aren’t enough you might wanna try stuffed churros.

Start the weekend off right! #mintycoffee #stuffedchurros #nutella #happydayscafe #shermanoaks

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Look at the size of these!

Stay warm. #stuffedchurros #latte #churros #happydayscafe @sudsandgrub

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We need these! Pronto!

Stuffed churros sampler. #churros #happydayscafe #stuffedchurros

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Even these two will do!

Churro 101 @Bugis #stuffedchurros #creamcheese #sweet #sweettooth

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But a basket might be better.

In case you want a cone and churros. Problem solved, for now you can have both!

Going on adventures for some yummy in my tummy ??? #churros #softserve #icecream #toronto #churrocones

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It’s calling us!

We aren’t kidding, look at that cone!

Let’s calm down a little with this churro sandwich.

Maybe add a little cherry syrup to it?

These are simplistically beautiful!

Or dangerously loaded!

Put one in our mouth please?

Mini sandwiches are adorable!

Empezando mis birthday vibes ? #ChurroSandwich #AnecdotasDeUnaGorda

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So are the giant rainbow ones!

The churro sandwich ? #churro #icecream #churrosandwich #seaworld

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But we still love ourselves the classic Mexican desserts served with chocolate dip.

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