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Why Do Indians Travel? Apparently, A Lot Of It Has To Do With Food

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Indians’ love for food is unparalleled. When it comes to food, we Indians follow a no compromise policy, which seems to be evident according to a recent survey concluded by a travel website, TripAdvisor.

First Things First

The love for good food seems to be reason enough for people to get their bags packing. Oh yes! TripAdvisor’s survey revealed some surprising results. As many as 73% of Indians are planning on a getaway for purely gastronomical reasons. Shocking? Well here’s more. While 34% of Indians eat out one or two times a month when they are not travelling, 33% of the people eat out once every week with the prospect of trying out a new cuisine or just indulging in their old favourites with the stakes being higher on occasion days. Quite the foodies!

The study also revealed that 51% of Indians consider dining out and selecting good restaurants is essential for their overall trip experience while travelling. As they say, a happy stomach makes for a happy mind.

What’s More?

The website recently announced a Travellers’ Choice Award for the top restaurants around the world, giving it’s members a definitive guide to some of the must try restaurants around the world. In case you’re wondering, yes India is included in the list of awardees at the Asian level. Indian Accent in New Delhi has grabbed the 13th spot among the list of fine diners in Asia.

Findings also suggest that about 35% visited a restaurant because of it’s celebrity chef, while 57% of the people rely on the reviews of TripAdvisor before trying out a new restaurant.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to get your spoons ready and your bags packing! The thrill of food and the adventures of a new year are calling.

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Born and brought up in Calcutta, Shibangsh Chowdhury is currently pursuing B.Tech, CSE in Bangalore. He is a big foodie at heart, and loves to try out new and exotic dishes. Reading thrillers, writing about food and life and gaming are his other favourite past times.

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