5 Fun Things To Catch At The Great Winter Picnic Party This Sunday

Sat Nov 26 2016 | 66 Views

The Great Winter Picnic party is almost here and we’re super excited about it. We can’t wait for it to start already! We’d love to see you and we’re telling you why you need to be there.

Block your calendars for Sunday, the 26th of November and join us for the #EatEffect.

Healthy Food & Smokeless BBQ

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We’ve got some of the coolest people in town on board with us who’re going to make yummy treats. You can find the head chef of Junction at the BBQ counter, grilling delicious meats from Lionfresh. The awesome folks over at Rocketchefs will be driving in with their food truck, and you’re sure to find some mouthwatering pizzas and ice creams here.

Lodi-The Garden Restaurant will be bringing in jars of condiments from their organic farms at Sewara. You need to get their oh-so-delicious homemade mustard sauce that you can literally put on everything! Also coming in with healthy things is Dharmsala Tea Co. who’re bringing their signature single origin teas.

Talks By Ketto & Smart Air

Ketto is dedicated to help with crowdfunding for social causes, and they’re going to talk about the kind of food campaigns that they’ve had for fund-raising.

Smart Air India will also be talking about the current situation of air pollution in Delhi, the way it effects on public health, and what it is that they’re doing to make air breathable for you.

Martial Arts Demonstration By Delhi Rock

Delhi Rock is bringing a Brazilian Capoeira teacher who will be talking about and demonstrating this form of martial arts from Africa, which is a blend of elements that include dance, aerobics, and music. This is going to be fantastic and fascinating all at the same time at this picnic party.

Art Show & Live Music

party Organic healthy Category:Organics   party Organic healthy Category:Organics

Photo Courtesy Of: Chizai

Sbcltr is setting up an art show with about 20 artworks, on the first level of the restaurant. There’s also going to be live music by popular artists like Chizai, Taba Chake, and Tanya Nambiar. For all the party people out there, we’ve got DJ SUN and Collido (of Bass Pilots) in the house!

Merch By Frendicoes

Frendicoes is getting their awesome-sauce merchandise and will specially set up a spot for you to get your goodies from them for your furry friends.

The best part is that you don’t need to worry about paying at any of the stalls with cash because we’ve got PayTM to support us, setting up a cash-free zone!

We are creating the #EatEffect. Are you with us? #GreenIsTheNewBlack. Come see us at our event – The Great Winter Picnic.

Saundarya Srinivasan

Saundarya is a 25-year-old from Delhi, who loves photography, crafting, reading books, and all things vintage. When she's not behind her desk, she can be found with a camera and a glass of sangria at her favorite bistro in the city.