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Virtual Gourmet Kitchens: Revolutionising The Way We Eat Out (Or In?)

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We’re living in a day and age when transport companies like Uber are stepping into the food and beverage industry to create a seamless experience in terms of getting food delivered in these fast-paced times. DNA says that after this ‘Uberization’, experts at the New York-based Baum + Whiteman have predicted that the concept of ‘restaurants without seats, and seats without restaurants’ will become increasingly popular and will add another facet to the sharing economy next year. Virtual gourmet kitchens are coming and we are loving it.

On Virtual Gourmet Kitchens Taking Over

trending online Kitchen gourmet delivery Category:Snacks

The consultants from Baum & Whiteman mention examples of services that deliver gourmet food to your doorstep. We have startups like Innerchef and Freshmenu who’re delivering gourmet dishes to the busy professional who just wants to have great food in the comfort of pyjamas.

This business model has given way to other setups that allow you to order a wholesome, home-cooked meal. You may be able to get dishes like a lamb curry or a lasagna made by a home cook if you’re willing to try out a stranger’s cooking. In fact, the likes of Asian Haus are getting onboard this virtual gourmet kitchen scene.

On Ready To Cook Meals

trending online Kitchen gourmet delivery Category:Snacks   trending online Kitchen gourmet delivery Category:Snacks

The meal-kit delivery service is another dining option that is being explored off late. You can now buy a meal-kit box from startups like Blue Apron, Cook Gourmet, Cook Fresh, Out Of The Box, and Chef’d to prepare your meal and save preparation time. You can choose from a range of recipes on their websites, and they’ll deliver you a box that includes everything that you would need to make that dish, with the ingredients in the quantities that they’ve mentioned in the recipe sheet.

On Revolutionising Home Delivery

Some places are even experimenting with the drone delivery services across the world. For instance, Domino’s uses it in New Zealand, 7-Eleven in Reno (Nevada), and Google’s parent company Alphabet in Virginia, have all been experimenting with this concept in recent times.

What’s More?

The consultants have also brought to our notice, startups like Yuma in Montreal, Umi Kitchen in New York, and Trype in London. Startups like these have given rise to the trend of what may be called ‘boarding house’ dinners, where they connect regular home cooks to diners that are adventurers and tourists, or even the locals living in the area. They’ve also talked about virtual gourmet kitchens like VizEat which operates in countries like Italy, France, Spain, the UK, and Portugal; that connects people who love to host dinners for sojourners, and locals living in the area who want to meet new and interesting people.

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