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#EatTreatGreets: Ek Bar’s Nitin Tewari Gets Behind The Bar

On a hot summer day, the Eat Treat editorial team spent the better part of their Saturday afternoon ensconced in the cool environs of Ek Bar happily sipping on a good half-dozen beautifully crafted cocktails by the most talented mixologist in town—Nitish Tewari.

Here’s what he has to say about customers returning baar baar.

On their most potent concoction

A shot called Gas Chamber–a combination of absinthe, Blue Curacao, vodka, and alcoholic fumes.

On barmen being the best listeners

Yes, even in India. Being a good listener is quite an important part of a bartender’s job.

On handling a difficult customer

This one always works. I’d usually like to serve a Flat Liner, which is a combination of sambuca, tabasco and vodka.

On nursing hangovers

A glass of fresh lime water or more alcohol aka a Virgin Mary.

On drinking on the job

Never. But as a part of my profession, I have to taste every single cocktail before it is served to the guest.

On the item you can cook up yourself

The City of Nizam – Ek Bar’s twist on gin and tonic. Take gin, add a few pieces of turmeric and set aside for 2 hours to infuse. In a glass, add 60 ml of the turmeric-infused gin, and add sugar and salt as per your taste. Squeeze in some orange juice and finish off with tonic water.

On his personally favoured bar spaces

I love visiting PCO for their cocktails and Summer House Cafe to chill out. But my bar at home is the best!