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EatTreat Sets The Table For Every Bengali At Bong Appetit

This is the first in our series of EatTreat Sets The Table, where we will pick a restaurant and give you an entire top to bottom menu to try from. This week, we’ve obviously picked one of our favourite Bengali restaurants that does a stellar meal, if you’re starving or even if you want to pick at a plate of appetisers.



Begin with a hot Peas and Keema Cutlet that comes with a pungent kasundi mustard. The keema and peas mince go so well, that this is the perfect start to a authentic Bengali meal at Bong Appetit.


We also tried their Beguni Platter, which comes with three different kinds of fritters. Every Bengali knows the importance of a bhajan (batter fry) as an evening snack with a drizzle of mustard oil in a bowl of puffed rice. Don’t want to fill yourself up but still have a hearty adda? This is your key.



We experimented with 2 kinds of main course meals. The first was a traditional meal of Shukto, Rice and Begun Bhaja. Shukto is more of an entree, which is slightly bitter in aftertaste and yet, that is what makes it stand out. Hot Shukto with a plate of rice and potato and eggplant fries are just what you need for a simply homely meal.


If you’re looking for something slightly rich in nature, we recommend the keema stuffed Potol Dolma, which is a pointed gourd filled with cooked mince. This is the epitome of a rich Bengali meal where you haven’t yet reached the mains and yet are probably already full. But looking forward to the rest, of course.



Vegetarians will absolutely love the Chana Dal and Peas Kachori. Not super heavy, this is a celebratory dish, that is very satisfying, when done right. The Chana Dal isn’t very liquid-y but on the more viscous side, with bits of coconut. The peas kachori is a traditional way of making kachoris in Bengal, so you’ll remember Kolkata for sure.


Non vegetarians, rejoice! We (or rather, Bong Appetit) bring you Luchi and Golbari Style Mutton. With a sprinkling of parmesan, this is just enough for two. But if you are alone and looking for a filling meal, then this is exactly the kind of fell-food meal, we are into. Rich and with meaty pieces, this mutton will slowly and surely blow your mind.



If you’re walking into Bong Appetite, then we insist you try their Papad and chutneys. These are the bengali equivalent of a salad (not really). But they are soooo good, that you’ll love gorging on these, even when your meal is over.



Our’s is a clan that really enjoys it’s desserts and here too, you will find some enchanting traditional sweetmeats with twists. We tried the Nolen Gur Ice-cream, which is an ice-cream that comes with new jaggery with a subtle aftertaste, that lingers.


The Baked Mihidana might be a trifle too sweet, but in small doses, we’d definitely recommend this.

Explore more about Bong Appetit here.


Kasturi has a keen interest in the Arts and burgeoning appetite for travel & culture. She engages with her mania for food, for a living. Based out of New Delhi, she's looking to begin a stationery movement, if only to deal with the impending and existing quarter-life crisis.