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Chandni Chowk’s First Heritage Hotel Haveli Dharampura Opens Up Its Bar & Rooftop

We all know of this labour of love in Old Delhi, Haveli Dharampura. Started as a restaurant and heritage hotel, the plan has now evolved from kite matches and Kathak nights to include a stunning restaurant on the rooftop. And moreover, Haveli Dharampura is now also serving alcohol!

First Things First


Haveli Dharampura is also opening their bar this week, which will be called Lakhori. While they have the usual bevvy of single malts, gins, tequila and beers, we are especially excited about the cocktails. They have three classic martinis which include a green apple and watermelon one as well.

But as always, we will urge you to go right to the Haveli Special section which will have the likes of Dariba Narangi (a mix of orange juice, grenadine and tequila), Meena Bazar (vodka and Blue Curacao come together) and the Pancharatna, the wonders of which we’ll let you find out yourself. They have wines by the bottle and glasses, both, with an extensive collection that is blowing our minds.

Mocktails & View


For those not drinking spirits, the mocktail menu will uplift your spirits. We have been in love with Jahan Ara, Patangbaz Sangria and Chai Biscuit for a while now. Their smoothies are thick and luscious.

Catch us at the rooftop from where you can see Gurudwara Seesganj, Jama Masjid, Jain Mandir and the Red Fort. Here’s to an evening of stars and moonlight with a sip of Banarasi Pan.

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