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  • Author: Srishty Khullar
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America’s Fave Panda Express Is Coming To India With Its Orange Chicken!

Panda Express is the fast casual restaurant chain credited with inventing orange chicken. Serving American-Chinese cuisine, they currently operate over 1,800 outlets across six countries. While there was some news about Panda Express coming to India in 2014, unfortunately, that did not happen. However, JSM Corp. Pvt. Ltd. is now all set to launch this…

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Taj Palace, Meridien & More: 3 Newly Opened Luxurious Restaurants In Delhi

Every restaurant opening in Delhi is met with excitement and enthusiasm because despite having a plethora of options to dine, its never enough! So, these three luxurious hotels (including one at The Taj Palace!) decided to switch things up by launching exclusive restaurants for their forever-food-stalking patrons. India Bistro – Hotel Diplomat  Replacing Amreli, India…