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6 Bengali Delicacies For The 6 Days Of Durga Puja

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Since we love Bengali food and almost everything it constitutes, we decided to give you a list of 6 amazing delicacies to try this festival season. With lots of options, these are what you should be concentrating on so that you don’t miss out on anything!


Begun Bhajas or literally any kind of tele bhaja is our pick for the first day; keeping it light. Shallow fried brinjals or potatoes with a twist of chaat-masala or salt is a snack you can’t stop eating, be it with friends or family. Perfectly cooked Begun Bhajas are tender with a sweet flavour and the fine rice flour coating gives this snack a crispy twist.

north Indian festival bengali

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We love ourselves some phuchka (Bong panipuri) on Shashti. Be it Mutton Ghooghni or plain old Masala Muri, Shashti is when we go out and try our tummies at eating street food.


If you’re planning to eat bhog on each day, that’s fine by us too, but if you want to eat bhog on only a single day, Mahasaptami is your charm. Khichudi with multiple curries and fries, we like cleaning off the plate in the end with tomato chutney. Hot steaming Alur Torkari is a traditional dish with a spicy flavour perfectly balanced with steaming hot luchis


Ashtami is for rolls! Be it a double chicken or an egg mutton roll, Ashtami is the day when we experiment with Indo-Chinese street food. Chowmein with Chilli Chicken is a favourite, but you’ll also find us hovering at the cutlet and chop stall.


Mutton Biryani with pieces of boiled egg or potato, cooked in dum is our pick for Navami. It has a unique aroma of desi ghee mixed with rich masalas that you can’t resist. Juicy tender pieces of mutton cooked in rice and sautéed spices make it a mouth-watering dish.


The last day, when our hearts are heavy, Bengali desserts are the only things that can make us feel better. Mishti Doi has a thick and dense texture, just like ice cream. With a pinch of ground cardamom or a few drops of kewra or rose essence, this is the perfect ending to all your heavy meals throughout Durga Puja. Sondesh is another loved and adored sweet.

Or you know, you could eat it all, everyday. Like Us.

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