5 Snacks From Down South Other Than The Cliched Faraal For Diwali

by Ashwati Menon | Wed Oct 26 2016

Faraal, which is usually given on a gold or silver plate covered with decorative cloth, is a thing of the past and now, mostly bought to fulfil neighbourly obligations in Mumbai.

The faraal usually consists of innumerable items with there being several of their types but we usually get the common ones like Karanjis (A flaky pastry stuffed with grated coconut, sugar and powdered cardamom filling), Besan Laddoo and how can one forget the orange-brown chakli which tastes heavenly when fresh and the list is never ending.

First Things First

So here comes the question – Don’t you wanna have something different? Something which will make this coming Diwali unique? There’s a solution to this problem and here are the five snacks you can try other than the clichéd faraal this Diwali!

Aloo Wadi

snacks mumbai iconic homemade authentic

An olive coloured snack made with arbi ke patte (colocasia leaves known as ‘aloo’ in Marathi). These leaves are slathered with besan and spices; stacked on one another; steamed and the final cooked roll is cut into pieces.

Palak Sev

Ditch the old hum drum besan sev and try out palak (spinach) sev which along with being tasty adds brownie points to your health quotient! It is made by adding spinach puree to the sev dough (prepared with chickpea flour and spices) mixed in the sev dough and deep-fried till crisp.

Anjeer Barfi

Ever thought what can be healthier than a sweet made with jaggery? What if I tell you there’s literally not a pinch of sugar in this dish and yet has a huge fan following? Anjeer barfi is made with dried figs, dates (sweetening factor) and lots of chopped mixed nuts.

Moong Laddoo

snacks mumbai iconic homemade authentic   snacks mumbai iconic homemade authentic

Mong laddoo is made with moong lentils, ghee and sugar. Who knew there would be another delicious use of this lentil other than in khichdi.

Pudachi Wadi

The lesser known sister of aloo wadi, it  is a deep-fried flaky pastry (made with besan flour and spices) and  stuffed with sautéed chopped onions, poppy seeds and copra (dried coconut) filling. The x-factor in this savoury is the goda masala which is added to the filling which gives it a zing like no other!

These dishes will not only help you to find an easy alternative to your regular faraal, but also motivate you and your family members in celebrating a unique Diwali.

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