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3 Tea Secrets To Know For Stellar Brewing Skills

Brewing the perfect cup of tea is an art perfected by few. Founder at Brewlette, Amareen Khurana gives you the scoop to help you get the best out of your cup each time, every time.

First Things First

In India, the understanding of tea is limited to chai, masala chai, cutting chai, and more recently, maybe green tea. But there’s so much more to tea than just these traditional delights. Aside from infusing your cuppa with a whole lotta love, here are the three things you’ve gotta remember. The Tea (the correct quantity of tea in proportion to the cup size), the Temperature (of the water used) and the Time for which you steep different tea types.

1. The Tea


Did you have any idea that just five basic types of tea—green, black, white, oolong and herbal—can yield over 2500 varieties? From exotic fruit teas and dessert blends, to rich spice variants, herbal infusions and flower-scented teas.

From good ol’ classics to the premium, rare and exotic ones, Brewlette itself currently offers 33 extensive flavours you can experiment with.

2. The Temperature

You often hear people complain that green tea is bitter. Well, that isn’t entirely true. The flavour of tea has a lot to do with the way in which it’s brewed.

While black and herbal teas require boiling water, more delicate teas (green and white tea) require lower, below boiling temperatures. If the water is too hot, you’ll destroy the delicate notes and end up with a cup full of bitterness.

3. The Time

Similarly, in a desire to get a strong cup of tea, people make the mistake of over-steeping the tea. So if you like a strong cup, add more quantity of tea to the cup instead of steeping the tea longer than required.

Steeping tea longer does not make it stronger; only bitter. While teas such as black, herbal and chai blends may be steeped for about three-five minutes, green and white teas should not be steeped for more than two-four minutes.