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These 3 Phenomenal Home-Bakers Are Sweetening Up Our Meals

October saw the launch of the EatTreat Shop—our endeavour to bring together your favourite desserts from some amazing home bakers whose goodies you can enjoy without having to leave the comfort of your home. Here are the ones who braved the traffic in Delhi and made it to the launch with their gorgeous treats.

Let’s Bake Love by Sara Taneja


This 19-year old has been baking since two years now, and she just started after finishing high school. Everything she bakes is done so with a lot of love and care. She may be young, but the quality of her desserts speak volumes about her. She makes some of the yummiest cupcakes you would have ever had in all of Delhi.

Explore them here.

Sinful Bites by Niti Jolly


Niti Jolly started baking almost 2 decades ago and has been making some beautiful cakes ever since. She used to bake bread too, but her major focus remains on cakes now. Her Tiramisu and Red Velvet cakes sell out almost instantly. They’re so good that every bite or spoonful of each of her desserts takes you to a whole other world. The portions are quite generous, but you can easily finish off a couple of these, and her very delicious Banoffee cups.

Explore them here.

Bling-a-Licious by Tanya Singh


This home baker is taking the city by a storm by making desserts healthy for the calorie conscious. One bite into their chocolate cupcakes, and we kid you not, you will not be able to figure out the difference between a regular cupcake and their version of it. What’s more is that it is super light and it feels like you’ve bitten into a cloud! They also make a low-fat granola, sugar-free almond crisps, and some very delectable Chocolate Almond Nougat Cake Jars.

Explore them here.


Saundarya is a 25-year-old from Delhi, who loves photography, crafting, reading books, and all things vintage. When she's not behind her desk, she can be found with a camera and a glass of sangria at her favorite bistro in the city.