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No Portion Control: 3 BIGLY Foods That Trump Would Love From India

Ever since Trump uttered that fated word, ‘Bigly’ is now in our food vocabularies and we can’t get over it. So we decided to treat our appetites to some ‘bigly’ food that we can’t finish in one go. Are you jumping on to the ‘bigly’ bandwagon of giant portions and massive dishes?

Family Naan at Bukhara


Almost the size of a table, it is often that 4 people together can’t finish this monstrous and yet so-fulfilling naan at ITC, Bukhara. This goes best with their Peshawari Kebabs and the yummy Firni. The Family Naan comes at the cost of you completely overextending your innards, but of course, it’s worth it. Unlike the creator of the word ‘bigly’.

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XXXL Challenge at Fat Burger


Photo Courtesy Of: FatBurger

700 gms of pure patty with fresh meat, served on soft doughy bun that will conquer your tummy. They are topped with lettuce, tomato, mustard, relish, diced onions, pickles, mayo, and cheddar cheese, and you have yourself a XXXL Challenge that you can complete and then be sported on the Wall of Fame for ever. Which is much better than the US Presidential Wall of Fame if you ask us.

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40 Pc Sushi Box at Sushiya


Sushiya does these sushi boxes that are such a steal at their price that we can’t stop ourselves from overindulging every single time. The Maki or Genki Party Pack packs a punch of 40 pieces in one box and obviously, we are all for it. So are you gonna ‘grab that sushi’ or what?

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Kasturi has a keen interest in the Arts and burgeoning appetite for travel & culture. She engages with her mania for food, for a living. Based out of New Delhi, she's looking to begin a stationery movement, if only to deal with the impending and existing quarter-life crisis.